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4 Tips On How and Where to Sell Your Apps

Where and how to sell your apps are two growing unknowns due to the growing use of smartphones and mobile devices. Marketing with applications is a new business modality already present in the market. This weekly Goshainclude blog will show you how and where to sell these apps.

How To Sell Your Apps? 

There are several ways to sell your apps and generate money thanks to the development of applications, so we have to choose the one that benefits the app the most and best suits the proposed objectives:

Here are some ideas on how to sell your apps and make a profit from them:

•    Payment model: it is the most common and used way. It consists of uploading the application to the store and charging for each download. To do this, we have to provide functionalities or valuable content for which the user is willing to pay, so it is advisable to offer a good experience and apply it only to well-developed apps.

•    Freemium: : users can download it for free and get extra features by making small payments. This way, it is easy to download and get the user to try the functionalities. In this way, they will be more likely to make a disbursement on the app since they already know it first-hand.

•    In house: they are custom-developed applications for business environments, such as a CRM, which may not be successful if you target a niche outside the scope, but will be in demand by the sector as long as it is useful and simplifies processes.

•    Subscription:the application is free to download, but a fee must be paid periodically to enjoy its services or functionalities. This is the case with Netflix, Spotify, and most content platforms.

•    Advertising: another way to sell within an app is the inclusion of ads and publicity, making your app an advertising medium in which you will generate income based on the number of visits, purchases, or views that these advertisements obtain.

Experts recommend combining several models to optimize your app's income. However, it is not advisable to do so in applications that involve a cost to download since the user expects a comprehensive service through this payment, with all the functionalities and without the inclusion of ads.

Where to Sell Your App? 

To find out where it is most appropriate to upload your application, you must first know the available platforms on which you can sell your App.

Next, we will leave a list of the main platforms:

•    iOS (Apple's Apple Store)
•    Android (Google Play store)
•    Mobile store (Windows)
•    Blackberry store (From RIM)
•    Palm pre store (from Palm)
Once you know all the available platforms, you must decide which one best suits your functionalities, public or operating system.

4 Tips To Sell Your Apps

Keep these tips in mind when you put an App up for sale to achieve your goals and maximize profits.

Promote Your App 

You can promote through websites, social networks, or any source that can drive organic or paid traffic to your downloads. Here you can learn more about how to promote an app.

Get a Good Reputation 

A good evaluation by the users is essential, so it is very useful to create a list of utilities to keep the public informed and offer the most personalized feedback to each user to obtain the maximum positive score.

Update Your App 

It is essential to listen to the criticism and opinions of users, whether constructive or destructive. They should be used to improve and update the App based on their requests and recommendations since the user is the first to know the app's improvement points. For this reason, we have to make updates according to their proposals and needs since the information and feedback they offer us are vital for constantly improving the application.

Don't Settle For Just One App 

Once you have consolidated an App, start thinking about new projects. Little by little, you will be able to become an expert in the sector and consolidate your new projects thanks to the experience acquired in the past.

Now that you know how to take advantage of your project, why don't you tell us about yours? At Goshainclude, we will be delighted to work with you to bring your ideas to life with a totally tailored work that will lead you to achieve your goals. Shall we talk?