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The Chatbots: All You Need to Know

In recent years, it is increasingly normal to hear about chatbots or chatbots in the digital field, granting added value to your business. Either to resolve your clients' doubts or send personalized information according to their interests or demand. We could affirm that they are one more part of the digitization processes that companies are carrying out.

Have you also heard about these robots that respond intelligently and coherently, but you still don't know their purpose well? Please sit tight and roll with us.

What are Chatbots?

Chatbots are artificial intelligence (AI) computer programs designed to carry out conversations to answer questions, ask for quotes, check schedules, etc., without the help of a human, giving the user the feeling of having a real conversation with a "person."

An example can be a chatbot inside an online clothing store. Users who want to buy a t-shirt must go to the web, search for the product and buy it. But what if, instead, the customer could open the chatbot, tell her the shirt she wants to buy, and let the program take care of the rest? Or even that our client can ask for advice on the garment sizes. All this would give consumers an experience with added value, thus differentiating ourselves from the competition.

Other famous examples of chatbots can be the different chatbots we can find within the Facebook social network, WhatsApp chatbots, or the Slack tool.

Some of the great advantages they can offer us when integrating it into our business would be that, unlike the rest of the applications, they do not need to be previously installed nor take up space in the memory of the phone or portable device.

How Do Chatbots Work?

Chatbots use artificial intelligence systems to learn about the brand on the consumer's interests, desires, or tastes. Some examples of this artificial intelligence are Siri or Cortana, software that works thanks to this development, or for example in networks like Facebook Messenger or Slack, where these chats are incorporated as one more contact.

Within the long list of functions that these artificial intelligence programs can carry out, some of the most used are:

•    Manage online purchases and payments:chatbots can help make online purchase processes easier and answer user questions during the purchase process, from choosing the product to the payment and shipping process. They may also offer similar or complementary products to our client.

•    Send information and news: they will be able to send information and company news to other consumers, this will be done automatically, thereby boosting our online business. Turning to this tool is a strong point for our business.

•    365/24/7 immediacy: today, users need immediate solutions, if we cannot solve these doubts, it could mean the loss of a client, so immediacy in responses has gained high importance within customer service. We are achieving this thanks to these chatbots to give users a solution regardless of the day of the year or the time.

Therefore, we can affirm that chatbots will be a great tool for our Customer Service within our company, taking a very important role in seeking customer satisfaction and maximum satisfaction from them.

Integrate a Chatbot On Your Website

No prior knowledge of code or artificial language will be required so that you can develop these chatbots yourself, but if you want an attractive design for your bot or need custom features to get the most out of it with the help of professionals, do not hesitate to contact us to achieve your business goals.

What Advantages Does A Chatbot Offer Us?

Among the advantages that chatbots offer us, such as improving Customer Service, we can describe the following:

•    Thanks to them, we can eliminate the need to hire a 24-hour connected team to resolve these consumer doubts. They will be perfect for solving those doubts most consulted among users, such as frequently asked questions on the web. Thus reducing operating costs within the company, making these processes more agile and efficient.
•    Offer immediate and automated responses: immediacy and personalization are the most relevant characteristics of the digital age. We have become accustomed to receiving everything instantly with just one click, the waiting time being proportional to losing a customer or sale. Taking a very important role in response and delivery times in the sales process.
•    The opinion of millennials who prefer chatbots: they are one of the largest and most active demographic groups in the online shopping industry. Being one of the targets to analyze their behavior and aspire to meet their needs. Thanks to these virtual assistants, we can offer added value to our target audience, preventing our customers from leaving our e-commerce and increasing your visibility within the competition.
Do you want to get this extra visibility for your business hand in hand with a custom web development and increase your visibility thanks to an innovative web design? Do not hesitate to contact us