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When to Choose the Development Of Mobile Apps For Companies Over Web Platforms in 2023?

The future is technology; therefore, most businesses seek to go digital. Many are convinced that they must have a website to strengthen their presence on the Internet. Or on the other hand, they believe that mobile apps for companies can attract new customers or retain those who already know them.

These projects require an investment, so many doubts usually arise about how or when they can be amortized. We will try to clear up some doubts based on our experience.

You Want to Bet On the Development of Mobile Apps For Your Business

Before embarking on development, it is worth asking yourself this question: Are you sure that it is what you need? Each business is different, so before betting on a project, it is advisable to conduct an analysis phase to determine all the company's needs.

On the one hand, a mobile application requires development teams with specific knowledge and depending on the required functionalities, the financial budget may vary.

On the other hand, many needs can be covered by developing a responsive website, web applications, or PWA, which will adapt to any device. Web or app, what is better for each project?

If you opt for developing custom mobile applications, a series of premises must be considered regarding users to enhance their functionality.

Do App Users Have To Interact With My Business?

At this point, it is necessary to consider if the business is exposed to the fact that customers or users can interact with it. In this case, it is possible that an app could be an incentive.

However, we must take into account the so-called effect of throwaway apps. Have you never checked your mobile and realized that of the 50 apps, you only really use 10?

It is not only worth having a perfectly designed and very usable app, but it must also cover the user's real need and ensure that the value it provides is real for him. This makes its use frequent and loyal to the user.

To achieve this, you need a team with years of experience in native, hybrid, and UX development.

What Information Will Users Handle?

It is necessary to evaluate if users have to fill in complex registration forms or if the exchanged data is abundant and its management is tedious. It is important to offer a manageable platform, so there are two aspects to consider.

If it is possible to optimize the processes, users' work will be facilitated, and interaction with the company will be encouraged.

If the above cannot be done and it is unavoidable to handle this type of form, we recommend rethinking betting on a website and not on developing mobile apps for companies. Since if the platform is too complicated, users will not use the app.

Development Of Mobile Apps For Companies Vs. A Website

When choosing between the two developments, we recommend contacting a technology expert and conducting an in-depth analysis of the business needs.

There are situations where customers frequently request apps, websites, and even applications for smartwatches. But when studying the functionalities, they want to implement; they realize they can be satisfied with another platform.

Our concern is optimizing our clients' investments by selecting the best option for each situation. Our experience in projects and clients and great work team allow us to select the best solution.