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We understand your needs and our development process is evolving to match your business. What keeps an organization going is a flexible approach without rigidity. Our squad is operating for you the way you want it, and delivering a quality service to boost your business. Our business engagement models are tailored in the best way that suits your requirements.

  • Dedicated Team Model

    If you are an entrepreneur and want to develop an app for your company, but do not have enough time to interact frequently with each member of the team as a developer, designer, quality analyst and web developer concerning your requirements, then a dedicated model of the team is really for you. Through this model, you will recruit a whole team, including developers for Android and iPhone, backend site developer, UI / UX designer, quality consultant, and project manager, who will oversee the whole team. All you need to do is consult with the project manager about the project specifications, and he / she will take care of the entire team and the project. In short, this model's main objective is to recruit a dedicated team, who can work efficiently as your own.
  • Fixed Price Model
    If you are an entrepreneur and have a small to medium-sized project with straightforward and very well-structured requirements, then Fixed Price Model is for you, where you'll have to pay the final product a defined amount or fixed price. Within the Fixed Price Model, the project criteria, parameters and schedules will be clearly identified before the development starts which will reduce the risk to you. A fixed-price model has the advantage that it requires minimal supervision from your part. We would take responsibility for all aspects of development process, project management, qualitative analysis and assurance. This model is known to be one of the most effective models when it comes to reducing costs and developing an app within budget. The project's timeframe is set, and the project will to be executed within the specified time period.
  • Hourly Price Model
    If you are a startup company or an entrepreneur, and if you have small project requirements such as changes / fixes in your existing developed app, backup or restore and crash recovery, or if you want to update your application with new features and functionalities, then the hourly price model or we may call time and material model is the top pick. You may hire a specialist according to how many working hours the project would take. You will interact directly with the hired expert in this engagement model, and specify your requirements. You may also make some adjustments during the development process, and if necessary, go for additional features. Within your supervision the expert will work and make changes/fixes as per your project requirements. Under this model, the overall cost is directly proportional to the amount of time and effort involved in project execution.