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Food Delivery app

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Food Delivery mobile App solution!

With the world turning mobile-friendly where most individuals own a smartphone, having your businesses to achieve your target audience has become simpler. It's an era of on-demand services and it can be used from cabs to food and even grocery stores with just one click on your smartphone. Time is of the essence, and in this fast-paced world; keeping up with others' pace is very difficult. Sometimes we're in a situation where we can't cook or just don't have the time to go out and eat. Which is why most food outlet and restaurant owners make use of the on-demand development and services of the food delivery app. You can see a variety of food delivery and ordering apps when you open the play store as more and more food outlets have started to get hooked to on demand food delivery apps.


A one-shot chance to prove your potential on demand food delivery app! The processes of developing an on-demand food delivery apps have gained remarkable recognition from customers as they get to eat their favorite foods from their favorite restaurants without leaving the confines of their home. The objective of developing on demand food delivery apps is to provide the facility for individuals to order and have their favorite food item delivered at their doorsteps within 15-20 minutes. Expand your business with mobile app development services tailored for food delivery to meet every single mobile user! The features of our on-demand food delivery app development services are the best in class provisions whereby users can simply order their favorite menu by clicking a button. It can be customized according to client requirements, so they can scale their revenue and upgrade their services.

Customer App

Restaurant Listings
The user can search for restaurants based on filters like location, nearby pick-up method, timings, reviews, cuisine keywords and category.
Set Preferred Location
The users can go ahead and setup their preferred location. Once set, all the nearest restaurants will be listed from which the user can order from.
Browse Menu
Detailed information such as delivery time, minimum order amount, opening hours, pick-up option, payment option & delivery fees are provided in a full restaurant menu.
Payment Gateway
Each restaurant lists its payment gateway which would include the option of credit card or debit card, cash on delivery or some popular mobile wallet as well.
Delivery Tracking
Once the order is confirmed the customer receives alerts and notifications. In addition, he can track his order for food delivery and ordering app via the map.
Reviews & Ratings
The on-demand food delivery app has the feature for customer reviews and ratings based on the service, price, quality and other factors.

Restaurant App

Manage Orders
Features of the food ordering app include the order management, such as accepting orders, accepting requests, generating invoice and receiving final confirmation of delivery and receiving payments.
Menu Management
Our food delivery apps provide the restaurants with options to manage the restaurant menu items, the quantity, image of the dish, price, and also a short description of the dish.
Order Tracking
This section allows the restaurant to manage all incoming orders, view the list of orders, track them, set status of the process along with scheduling and dispatching the orders.
Notification Updates
The restaurant also provides the possibility to show off promotions, great deals on cuisines and discounts. The users are notified about these deals resulting in good revenue.
Reports & Analysis
The restaurant owners are given the privilege to fetch data reports from their restaurant application which highly helps them in managing their business much easier.
Customer Reviews
The restaurant owners can view the reviews and ratings provided by their customers for the orders, quality and delivery helping to focus on areas that need improvement.

Admin Panel

Admin Dashboard
The admin dashboard includes the overall features for inventory management, restaurant management, menu management, category management, order management & customer management.
User Management
The admin will be able to view all the users who have registered on the app. The admin can also view user information, manage them and even delete or disable a user account if necessary.
Restaurant Management
The admin will be able to view all the restaurants currently active. Admin can add/remove and modify restaurants and can also manage/view updated listings of menu.
Payment & Commissions
Admin can manage and control commissions. Can view and retreive all payment related reports and can also assign commissions to the restaurants if necessary.
Infographic Reports
Admin can generate comprehensive reports and data that can help can help with managing and making decisions on a business stand point.

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The gohash team works really hard to ensure high level of quality
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The gohash team works really hard to ensure high level of quality
There are thousands of IT service companies in the US. But there’s nothing like @GOHASH. Their popularity and reputation are just evident.
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