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IT Staff Augmentation

IT Staff Augmentation


We understand how difficult it can be for companies to find and retain IT professionals, which is why we offer staff augmentation services. IT staff augmentation is an outsource IT staffing service that provides IT professionals on demand. It can be an excellent option for companies who need to hire IT professionals but don't have the budget or the time to do so.
GOHASHINCLUDE offers a wide range of services, including:

  • IT staff augmentation
  • Contracting
  • Project management
  • Web development and design

Why IT Staff Augmentation?

The business world is increasingly dependent on information technology. For this reason, more and more companies require the support of an external provider of IT staff augmentation. It can be helpful to large companies that need to reduce costs and concentrate on their business or small companies that do not have a specialized department or personnel.

Why Are We Offering this Service?

IT staff augmentation services help companies keep their business running; to reduce costs and risks. IT staff augmentation firm will ensure a stable and secure technological infrastructure with the capacity to grow and recover. At GOHASHINCLUDE, we provide 24/7 access to highly qualified personnel capable of resolving any incident or requirement and continuously strengthening platforms. Our experts also provide comprehensive support that will optimize your company's processes to achieve its proposed objectives.

A Recovery Plan For Any Contingency

IT staff augmentation services fulfill a fundamental strategic function to the extent that an essential part of the provider's work is anticipating the company's needs and providing key information for business decision-making.
Emergencies and disasters always occur in all companies, so it is important that they are always prepared and can anticipate the worst scenario. Otherwise, incalculable damage can be caused to credibility and operating capacity. By using IT staff augmentation services, companies ensure they minimize the impact on their business and have access to experts 24/7.

An Ally That Helps You Plan And Make Strategic Decisions

Many companies suffer from stressed and stretched IT staff or a shortage of IT employees with the knowledge and skills to handle certain tasks and successfully address technology challenges. When companies choose an IT staff augmentation service provider, a significant advantage is to free up internal IT staff. 
This helps companies to focus their energy and talent on projects focused on business objectives while reducing costs in human resources and having a multidisciplinary team for a fraction of the cost. Also, it increases productivity and allows strategic planning to get the time and attention it deserves, maximizing the benefits of the IT budget. On the other hand, the managed service model allows customers to predict their IT expenses easily.
IT staff augmentation services have a high added value when you have an ally that becomes increasingly autonomous; that helps you plan and make strategic decisions with accurate and timely information to ensure the growth of your business.

Innovative Solutions To Maximize Time And Profitability

IT staff augmentation services not only guarantee an additional team of IT experts to solve any problem, but you can also benefit from timely access to the most appropriate and flexible cutting-edge technologies for your business. This helps optimize the delivery of products and services, greatly impacting profitability.
Currently, it is challenging to keep up when technologies are advancing at a dizzying pace and regulations are becoming more demanding. By using our IT staff augmentation service, companies can rest assured that they will stay up to date with their compliance, avoiding penalties.
The key benefits for companies using our IT staff augmentation service:

  • They minimize operating costs and on-site personnel.
  • It allows companies to focus exclusively on their business.
  • Have a solid, agile, and flexible technological infrastructure adapted to the particular needs of each company.
  • Ability to respond quickly to the constant changes in the business world.
  • Recover from disasters, and most importantly, be constantly prepared.
  • Have high-level information for strategic decision-making.
  • Increased access to new technologies and a proactive approach to timely platform maintenance.

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