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Taxi booking app

Don’t Make Them Wait! Ramp up your taxi business & get riders on board and drivers behind the wheel.
We bring an innovative technology to connect with millions of local travelers.

Mobile technology penetrates deep into cities and towns and every segment of the industry benefits. On-demand app services rule the cave and the idea of on-demand taxi app has gained considerable prominence with the emergence of successful startups. Uber was the first to become a popular business model and now various uber like the taxi clone apps have arisen in the marketplace. You are not late if you want to be a part of this revolution. We offer you an exceptional taxi app development services to help construct an innovative uber-like app that embraces your business ' needs. Our competent taxi app developers will provide you with an entirely robust and user-friendly software that is flawless, smoother and enriching.


At GoHashInclude we develop a complete end-to-end web and mobile-based taxi booking app. Howbeit the same industry, we understand each of our client's visions are unique. Which is why we fabricate our taxi mobile app development project from scratch and covering all the features that drivers, customers and the business owner's admin panel need.

Rider App

Real time tracking
As soon as the taxi is booked, the rider can track the vehicle on the app. This feature provides real-time vehicle tracking which helps riders know how much time it will take for their drivers to reach their destination.
Fare estimator
This fair estimator lets the riders understand how much they'll have to pay for their ride. With the help of Google APIs, the fare estimates are calculated based on distance.
Complete Trip History
Riders will view the full history of their trips. They can see the route taken, the trip fare, the details of the driver and the vehicle, pick up and drop off locations and cancelled trips.
In this segment, riders can attach emergency contacts. Enabling the SOS feature sends a text to the added contacts and the admin which contains the driver's current location.
Convenient payment options
We include the Credit and debit card payment option as well as cash payment along with app wallet in our apps. Riders can choose by their convenience.
Favorite Destinations
Many taxi apps allow riders to store their list of favorite locations, such as home and workplaces, so they shouldn't have to browse for the location each time.

Driver App

In-App Registration & Verification
The driver can register themselves and make them available for rides. The driver has to get his verification done by uploading legal vehicle documents, insurance, car photos etc.
GPS Tracking
This feature helps the driver select the paths they use most. Once the driver sets a route, the path is displayed automatically through the implementation of the map into the app.
Track Earnings
By monitoring earnings on this panel the driver will view his earnings for the day. This section gives the driver a clarity on his daily commissions and expenditure.
Trip History
The trip history allows the driver to keep a list of all the trips he has made so far. Even canceled trips are recorded. This section will also show details of the ride.
On/Off Duty
The driver will have complete freedom to go online or offline. While the driver is off duty, his vehicle will not be visible for riders to place a ride booking.
Rating and Review
This section allows the riders to complement the drivers with comments for the ride. The drivers are also given an option to share a review of their riders.

Admin Panel

A User-friendly Dashboard
A robust admin dashboard helps you to set up fares, charge, check active and total drivers, check each driver's travel history and details, check earnings for that day or the past, generate reports and invoices, and do much more!
Manual Dispatch
This section allows the admin to manually scheduled a trip for a rider and also assign a driver. The admin can select the date and time, the location and even the vehicle type. The driver will be notified and the rider will be notified with the driver & vehicle information.
Driver Transactions
You get a full weekly report on the driver's trip status, such as the number of trips completed, the total revenue earned, the entire commission and the total after deductions payable to the driver. Through the Dashboard you can monitor the progress of all drivers.
Admin reports
The admin reports give you an overview of your driver's performances. These reports give a full statistical overview of your fleets for a certain period. These reports allow you to understand what adjustments might be necessary in order to increase your revenue.

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The gohash team works really hard to ensure high level of quality
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The gohash team works really hard to ensure high level of quality
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The gohash team works really hard to ensure high level of quality
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The gohash team works really hard to ensure high level of quality
There are thousands of IT service companies in the US. But there’s nothing like @GOHASH. Their popularity and reputation are just evident.
Monica Blews
PR Officer

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