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IT Staff Augmentation: When to Apply it in a Company?

Digital transformation has become widely popular in recent years, therefore, we have decided to investigate more into one of the basic pillars that favor it. It is about outsourcing services, or IT staff augmentation, as a mechanism to incorporate experts in the field into the company.

It is a paradigm gaining more and more relevance today, so we will focus on exposing its bases, advantages to the company, and at what stage of digitization it is.

First Steps Towards Digital Transformation

A study published by Gartner shows the essential steps to establish a good growth strategy concerning a company's supply chain and capabilities.

One of the main stages of digital transformation begins with the realization that the demand for work as an input into the organization's talent is a fundamental asset. For this reason, it is necessary to have absolute knowledge of the team itself since they will be the tool to finalize the business objectives.

At this point, normally, only large companies have a plan B, C, and D in selecting a team's capabilities to face projects since it is not given the necessary importance on many occasions. Each department has specific workers; for example, in the case of the IT team, the variety of profiles is very wide.

Multinationals, SMEs, and start-ups must complete their work groups, and one of the main alternatives is to incorporate talent from foreign companies. This process is done through IT outsourcing in this case.

When to Bet On IT staff Augmentation Service?

Faced with the problem that we have just mentioned regarding the lack that some companies experience when it comes to having a complete technological team, two solutions are presented.

First of all, the project allows us, can carry out a round of internal training to incorporate the knowledge. On the other hand, you can also hire new employees to incorporate talent directly into the team.

However, both solutions are expensive in resources, so they are not always feasible in certain projects. It is in this type of situation when outsourcing the service, through outsourcing, is presented as one of the best alternatives.

Benefits of IT Outsourcing

External help is used to develop the parts of the project that are not the responsibility of the work team or a strategic business objective.

Less Expense

Outsourcing allows you to save costs over time for tasks of a determined duration with an assumable margin on the final budget.

Reduction Of Administrative Processes

It is not necessary to open a selection project and conduct interviews one by one with the candidates. The contracted company will be in charge of the entire process. In addition, this allows you to control the direct cost of payroll and provisioning.

Better Project Performance

Technological outsourcing provides great flexibility to the organization that decides to bet on it. It is easier to achieve the project's success by saving time and resources since you are placing your burden on expert professionals.

How to Choose the Provider?

To do this, you must select the IT outsourcing provider that adapts to the work methodology of your team. Or at least that they share their way of working since they will finally be part of your team.

Today, with the rise of teleworking and with all the existing means of contact, distance does not have to be an added difficulty, being able to consider suppliers from different locations. Therefore, the main factor to focus on is the project monitoring methodology so that neither the effort nor the schedule goes outside the established margins.

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