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What Is An Administration Panel In An App?

To understand what an administration panel is in an app, we must imagine an interface that allows us to manage the platform's content.

These panels can be built in a custom development based on the app's characteristics. They are usually carried out in mobile applications whose content must constantly change, offering administrators a space to make these modifications.

What is an Administration Panel in an App?

Administration panels are also known as administrator applications or control panels and can be found in any technological development, both web, and mobile. Through them, those responsible for the site can modify some app content. You can even create user levels and permissions to limit the actions that each one can do within the application.

WordPress or Prestashop administration panels are the typical example that comes to mind when we think of a back office. In the case of a custom-developed app, the administration panels are usually somewhat similar, except for some important differences.

In an administration panel of a custom-developed app, you cannot build new modules or new features of the app; that is done in the development stage. However, many elements can be modified or viewed from this type of backoffice.

So, what type of content can I modify from the back office of a mobile application? And when is it necessary to make this type of platform?

What Content Does an Administration Panel Manage?

Push Notifications

One of the attractions of mobile applications is push notifications, ideal and customizable elements to strengthen the memory and the relationship with the user. From the control panel of an app, it is possible to select the content that will appear in the notifications, the user segmentation, and when they will be sent.

In addition, notifications can be scheduled that were not planned at the time the app was developed. For example, for special actions such as marketing campaigns.


If it is a real-time chat between an administrator and the users, a control panel that collects all the messages is necessary. This is a space that centralizes information and from which control of customer requests can be established.

Responses are managed through it to offer an efficient and fast messaging service. An administration panel would not be necessary for a chatbot since the responses are made automatically and scheduled.

Content Update

As indicated, administration panels are useful for businesses with constantly changing products or services.

Let's imagine a mobile application that shows the plans and offers that can be made in a city, for example, offers in restaurants, plays, and promotions in a place of leisure. The logical thing is that these offers change day by day because there are new offers that appear and others that expire on a certain date.

It is in these cases where an administration panel is really useful. It is a platform where a series of administrators publish new content and eliminate expired ones.

They can also be quite useful for applications whose products change frequently—it helps to automate all possible processes.

Control Of Registered                        

An administration panel is very functional for mobile applications that require on-board control of end users. In them, it is not the user who registers in the app but is registered person in charge.

This is usually the case with mobile applications aimed at a limited and reduced number of users. Through the administration panel of the app, an administrator will be in charge of registering new users and assigning permissions to each of them.

A concrete example can be mobile applications for the employees of a company. In the back office, different aspects can be determined, such as their roles, access, granting passwords, or configuring the permissions and capacities they can carry out.

Metrics and Statistics

In the control panel, you can record the activities carried out in the app. You are getting a wide variety of relevant data for subsequent reports. Visualizing the metrics is fundamental for fields such as marketing, sales, or customer service since they allow obtaining a very detailed analysis of the results.

It is possible to access a general summary of the metrics configured. Analyzing aspects such as the number of downloads, logins, transaction history, demographic data, or even the most clicked buttons. Thanks to these metrics, the performance of the app's screens will be known, and if the integrated functionalities are succeeding.

Control Of Content Uploaded By Users

If users are in charge of uploading the app's content, an administration panel can detect inappropriate publications and easily eliminate them.

A concrete example is social networks, where those in charge of feeding the content of the app are the same users. Instagram, Facebook, and Tik Tok all have an administration panel where you can delete or block inappropriate content.

User Management

One of the main contexts where an administration panel of an app is used for user control is in applications to meet other people or find a partner.

Registered users can report users who do not comply with the rules of the platform or behave inappropriately. Thanks to the administration panel, the company can collect the complaints sent and take the measures it deems appropriate, such as deleting the user in question.


Developing an app is an important investment, there is no doubt about it, which is why it is convenient to have absolute control of everything that happens in them. The administration panels provide that absolute knowledge since from them, you can monitor all the app activity, counting the KPIs, and they allow you to update its content constantly.